AC Syndicate has weakest UK launch

This doesn't surprise me at all. After the Bug-Fest that was Unity. I personally experienced no bugs in Unity, but the frame drops were real.

Why do you think it launched that badly? Was is just a precaution of buyers or are people getting tired of a new AC every year?

I loved the first AC and played it through about 7-10 times. And I was really hyped for AC 2 which was a brilliant game. Great story and characters....but it took years to make after AC 1.

(small rant follows)

I think they simply took the series in completely the wrong direction. Even in AC 1 I was wondering.....where is the stealth? I am an Assassin and the closest to stealth gameplay I am getting is with a group of monks.
You can not make a game about Assassins into a Michael Bay explosion fest....

I for my part am just not impressed by unbelievable shit anymore. No you can't use a carriage like a car...
And in Syndicate especially I am missing a sword...and just look at how many hits the enemies take...
Combat should be like in the first Arkham Asylum game, when you move over gargoyles and plan your strategy....or even in Far Cry games, where you plan how to attack a camp....and open combat should always be avoided by an ASSASSIN...I Ubishit really wants to change the series up they should make it more believable...
So I will definitely not buy this game until it costs less than 15‚ā¨ or so...and until they make the punching bag enemies more vulnerable .....I don't have all day...

Its all the same shit in a different wrapper. If the games had new content, actually required stealth, and focused more on the single player than wasting time on shitty online features then it might do better.

Im all for flogging a dead horse if its fun, but without new content that is fun its just not worth it. AC BF should have been called "The stabby adventures of climbey the pirate" There was zero stealth requirement in that game and Unity was a bugged pile of steaming shite that had the potential to be good if the story made more sense, actually threw plot twists at you and had new shit to do.

Surprised it took so long for people to catch on.

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not surprised, that series is beyond milked, i didnt even know this was a game until after release when i saw it show up on twitch, they need to stop lol

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what would you think about an AC every 2 or 3 years that actually has a real story like AC2 and real stealth and maybe even some you think Ubi may try something like this seeing that the sales a declining?

It would take some time to reboot...(since 2 ACs or so are probably in development) you think that Ubi would maybe hire some writers and some ex Bethesda employees and make a stealth RPG?

One can only hope.....but they will most likely go the way of Konami and just don't make games anymore....

The more I watched preview/review vids the more I hated the AI in the game. You could prance around and kill with gay abandon and no one gave a toss! Apart from the setting, great for a virtual tour, everything else would have just annoyed me after 20 mins or so.

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