AC adapter wattage

hi, i was wondering if wattage on AC adapters (laptop chargers) really matter, the one i originally need is 19V / 3.42A / 36W, but my local store has a ac adapter that's 19V / 3.42A / 65W, wouldn't that work?

from my experience with R/C cars, voltage should match the battery voltage your charging and amps determine how fast the battery chargers (how much energy it pushes in), but what does watts determine?

but my main question is, will it work without damaging my laptop battery


no one knows?

you'll be fine. Watts would just determine how much power it gives out. You'll be ok.

oh, so it basically means that i could charge a larger capacity battery or up to 65w where as the factory one can only do up to 36w?

No, think of it like a computer. If you have 400w worth of parts and you have a 600w psu. Is it going to give 600w? no.

i ment i have a 36w battery and the charger is 65w, so it's only gonna take 36w but can do up to 65w, but yeah, thx, i'll just get that one then, we'll see if it dies XD

It's only going to charge to 36w yes. It's not going to do the full 65w. Just remember to keep the recipient.

will do, thx for the help