Abysmal TrueNAS performance

Also if you’re getting install get test results. If your installer doesn’t do testing with a fluke or other test gear to confirm the end result (which they can simply print off for you) you’re wasting your time with cat7 or whatever.

It isn’t as simple as running the cable; there are bend radius constraints, termination requirements etc.

Just because the cable run is cat6a, 7 or whatever doesn’t mean it will automatically pass if not installed to spec.

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I do have the new cat 7 cable kind of bunched up behind the server. Are you guys suggesting that might be the reason I’m getting slower speeds?

I’d bet $100 against that being the case, but the fact its only linking at 5Gb isn’t great

Got any other patch cables laying around? Ruling it out is a good idea

It’s the only one I’ve got. I mean I can try straightening it see if performance improves. But I have a good 10 ft excess that I can’t just cut off. I was thinking of getting a 14/15 ft monoprice cable and not have so much excess.

I wouldn’t worry about it

If you’re running network cable next to power cables that could also be an issue.