Absolutely weird behavior that I can't figure out. Help!?!

Alright guys, I need some help.
Please read through it till the end before you jump to conclusions, I’ve already put a lot of troubleshooting time in this.

I recently rebuild my main rig, mostly because of FS2020 and because I wanted to replace my trusty 1080ti soon (when I started to plan this, the world still thought we’d be able to buy new GPUs soon.)
The System specs are:
i7 9800X
Gigabyte Aorus Gamping Pro 3 X299 Mobo
32GB Corsair Venagance Pro RGB 3200Mhz
MSI GTX1080ti (for now)
Gigabyte NVMe drive
Lian Li 360mm AIO
Corsair RMi 1000W PSU

The build went without issues and soon after, I managed to reach a stable overclock at 4.7Ghz all-core, 4.8Ghz 4-cores and 4.9Ghz 2-core
The system performs well and is quiet at the same time.
Here are some Benchmarks:
Cinebench R20: 4801cb
3DMarkFirestrike 22556 (Top 100 for this hardware combo)
3DMark TimeSpy 10146 (Top 100 for this hardware combo)
Unigine Heaven (3440x1440p, Ultra) 82 FPS average

You see, the system performs as expected or even a bit better.
But unfortunately, there is a different side of things:
When it comes to gaming, the system absolutely SUCKS! It performs way worse than my old system, with the same GPU, but with a 4930K 6-Core, running at 4.4GHz.
Every game that I tried so far, FS2020, GTA V, ARMA III, DayZ, The Crew 2, Hitman, they all have terrible FPS, mad stuttering and are just unplayable.
The problem is, the CPU doesn’t turbo up as it does in the benchmarks and other tasks. When I’m playing, the CPU sits at 1.2 Ghz to 2 Ghz max and the GPU doesn’t get more than 30-40 % utilization. I tried everything I could think of, I can’t find what’s causing this. No, it’s not temperature.

I need help.
Thanks in advance.

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What have you tried, though? :wink: I would suggest:


Interesting. How frequently is the storage drives being accessed? Is the O.S Win 10? Was it always this way, or only a recent change (ex. After a Windows update)?

If you have a spare drive (hdd or SSD), could you use that to reinstall your O.S, to eliminate it being a problem with your current O.S?

Try disabling HPET in Windows Powershell with Adminpriviliges:

bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes


Source and Infos: How To Improve Gaming Performance By Disabling HPET Settings?

Doesnt work? Sucks?

Reverse it:

bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick no

Hmm, are you sure you haven’t framelocked to 60 FPS or something silly like that?

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