About to pull the trigger

I've left off a GPU because this one isn't even on PartPicker yet, so I'm guessing it's new. I'm going with this or the lightning which is $499 on Newegg right now. Any thoughts on that?


Here's the build minus the GPU:


I've changed a few parts based on recommendations from folks here.

Looking for more opinions. Thanks!


assuming you already have a case it looks good. if you have any cash left over a 60GB ssd for your OS and system files might be nice

That is a properly mean graphics card, really really good! I noticed you have a XFX 850watt psu, that good sir is extremely overkill even for that 680 and your cpu OC. XFX 650 will do the job very well with tons of leg room for overclocking, the days of large 850+ psu's are coming to an end.

http://www.anandtech.com/show/5699/nvidia-geforce-gtx-680-review/19 Here is a power consumption test with a OC 3960X and a GTX680.

Witht he money you save from switching pwoer supplies, you can upgrade to a better air cooler.



Thanks for that John. If I bought a second GTX 680 PE to join in SLI would the 650 still be ok?

I might upgrade to a second GPU at some point.

I think 2 680s might be stress your PSU, better to go a 700W+ to be safe, if you're thinking of going SLI

I've actually already bought the XFX 850. :)

For $124 it's a steal.

Ahhh SLI 680's, that is just all kinds of right! My apologies i must of missed the sli comment, agreed with NJM1112. THe XFX 850 is definitelly plenty for SLI680's, that will be a serious gaming rig!

I'm still looking for reviews or info on this GPU. Does anyone know anything about it? Would a 680 Lightning be better?


http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127698 There is only one review on that graphics card so far on Newegg so it must be a fairly new card, You might have to wait until more folks buy it and try it out. 

I've done a little comparing and it looks like the Lightning has a significantly higher core clock and boost clock. The Power Edition does triple overvoltage though. Any thoughts on the advantages / disadvantages? Will the triple overvoltage allow the Power Edition to perform at the same level or higher than the Lightning?

That is far beyond what i understand Atye so i will give you a small bump in hopes a much smarter fella helps you out with triple over voltage bit. Cheers and goodluck!