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About to give up


I’m using an Ivy Bridge xeon and I’ve been having some similar issues with overclocking. I’m glad you talked about this and I’ll definitely use these tips for future overclocking with my chip.

I hope you can get the help you need and find a solid support network. I also hope that things can begin looking up for you.


Why did I think because 1866mhz memory was stable at stock, that the IMC was going to remain stable at 4.6Ghz? It’s never going to be stable with 4 sticks totalling 32GB. I should have just left it at 1600 mhz for my 8 hour long Premiere 4K 60p stability test, and then it crashed 5 hours in at 1866mhz.

If you have 32GB of memory, get 4 sticks and never go above 1600Mhz cause the IMC is so weak it can’t handle it. 8 sticks will require so much voltage to remain stable you will degrade your CPU anyways.

But why am I rambling? Nobody cares anyways. I am just in so much excruciating pain that I am at wit’s end.


I appreciate the rambles. I already keep my 4 sticks at 1600, but i was considering trying to go higher since they’re rated for 2133, I know now to stay far away from that.


You running DDR3? Yeah, at 32GB of density, 1600 is what you should stick to for stability and high clocks.


OMG are you kidding me? Seconds away from 12hrs stable in my 4K 60p Premiere test and I get a BSOD. I can’t trust this processor anymore.


Oh it gets worse…

“I’m going to starve you if you if you buy another PC part. That’s the deal.” -Mom

I may as well starve to death cause I have to buy a replacement E5-1660.


Why are you trying to overclock xeons.


Why run memtest in a VM?


How would running memtest in a vm kill a server.



ITT we have an intervention


@FurryJackman - the next time something like that happens, you gotta take a deep breath. I’m not criticizing you, but when you get worked up like that, it isn’t healthy. You’re going to take 10 years of your life off by stressing yourself out.

You gotta listen to me when I say, if you don’t get your PC to overclock the world is going to continue to spin AND you’re going to be okay.

I think you’re perception is a little off on this one. You’re seeing it as fight or flight — life or death — and trust me, it’s not. I get it - it’s a passion - I respect that, but you have to take a step back sometime and say - I failed, it’s okay and everything is going to be alright.

Everyone here has fried something, taken something down, or done something they weren’t trying to do. It happens to everyone, you’re not alone, my friend.


She is bluffing for sure. However PLEASE FOR THE LOVE IN EVERYTHING DO NOT BUY ANOTHER XEON. Look you are walking on a thin ice right now. Which means you will fall in really cold water and die from the cold. Just let it go. It’s time to stop! Keep using this processor but reduce or return to stock options. The increase is not that much any way.


I’m straight retarded, undiagnosed foot in mouth disease, chronic bad ideas. The list goes on.


It’s only $134USD for a replacement. I had to honestly tell her this was it cause with my 1080 in hand, my system would have finally been a 5 year system had it not been for the CPU degradation.

My plans: Start with 1.1V on VTT and 1V System Agent for the next one and only raise System Agent when the difference between Vcore and System Agent is above 0.3V. Vcore is the first to be raised, then VTT, then System Agent only when Vcore gets to the voltage difference state.

I’ll also stick to 1600mhz 9-10-9-27-2T at stock voltage on my RAM set because 1866mhz overworks the IMC to the point of failure. I’ve never pushed my set of RAM, only the IMC.


I settle for slower but stable when slower is like 1-3% performance lose for less downtime / maintenance and hair pulling.

My Ryzen 1700 can do 4.0GHz but I run it at 3.75GHz cause it does not effect me and gaming with a RX 480,. It is not CPU capped.

My point is make it stable and dont kill yourself trying to eek out the last few percent of performance.


That’s what I’m learning at this moment. 1866Mhz DDR3 and anything above 4.6Ghz on a E5-1660 is pushing it. Staying at 4.6Ghz and using DDR3 1600 seems to be the safe route, but I was overly confident trying to get 1866Mhz DDR3 stable. Turns out the IMC is so weak, it can’t handle 1866Mhz at 32GB of RAM density. 4 sticks eases the stress, but it’s still not stable. 8 sticks is murder on the IMC.


I found that allot of my OC hiccups were ram related rather then cpu related.
Are you adding more juice to the Ram?


RAM has no faults. Memtest passes, but the stress of the data transfer is what causes the IMC to fail.


One more thing, when I overclocked mine I just had the 2 sticks
When I added 2 more sticks all hell broke loose…no idea if this will help


Yup, I already know this. I tried 4.6Ghz on 8 sticks… It’s impossible on 8 sticks. Had to back down to 4 sticks… and 1866 doesn’t work still even on 4 sticks cause I upped the density.