About the Wikis & How-to Guides category

Our Forum Wiki Experiment.

We have created a special category for How-Tos and Guides that Level1 and the Level1 community has been working on, and we invite everyone to participate.

How does this work?

Most of the guides in this topic are either locked or Wikis. If you aren’t familiar with Wikis, that is a document that anyone can edit/update and add information to. At Level1, you have to earn a certain trust level to participate but just being an active member of the community is enough to earn that trust quickly.

If you would like to comment on the wiki itself, then it is appropriate to do so here by just replying. However, if you’d like to do more of a meta discussion or you have a related question that really doesn’t belong in the wiki, then use the linked topic feature to create a new thread outside the wiki category as where it might be appropriate.

For example, if this wiki article were about the windows-based “Chocolatey” package management system https://chocolatey.org/ but you had a question surrounding changes to the package, or changes to the license, or paid options for the package management service you can use the linked-chain icon to create a + New Topic (in this case the appropriate category for that discussion is probably the Windows category?) and it would link back here to the wiki for context.

The idea with the wiki category is to try to be good stewards of the reader’s time. Most readers aren’t interested in the backstory of how we got to where we are in the wiki – they just want to know how to do something. We should keep any comments attached to the wiki short, sweet and to the direct point of the wiki itself.

Some simpler wikis are even locked from editing – things like site rules or @wolfleben 's excellent and concise guide on making a post – and your only option is to create a linked topic like the one below.

Have fun and remember, it’s only a forum. Welcome to Level1.