About the summer

Solar activity on the sun is currently super low. In most areas in the northern hemisphere the temperature is a lot lower than usual. This is called a solar minumum. Lol ur pcs might survive the summer.






its already triple digits where i live :P i love the summer!! :(

Ferman wrote 12 minutes ago »

its already triple digits where i live :P i love the summer!! :(

wow fuck were still 14 degrees c.

is 70 here, perfect

and yet they complain about global warming

It's been about 50~80 degrees FFerINHAYTTT here in Connecticut.
and both of my neighbors have a pool.

Its been pretty cloudy around here recently I must say.

florida sucks.... 90 FFerINHAYTTT every day... and 7000% humidity... I walk to the car and I am covered in sweat... need to take 10 showers per day.

Last week was perfect, now its perfect. : 3

Yeh, the weather in Norway is perfect right now. Loads of sun, but with cold winds (from the north).Â

The temperature actually reached 17 degrees celsius in my pond the other day

It's 18 degrees celsius here right now. Kinda cold...this week's average was 22ish degrees celcius...pretty good, not cold nor too hot.

And we just got a pool :D Summer's gonna be fun, I see lots of biking


just kidding.

on vacay in north carolina.... in high 80's.... and like logan said 7000% humidity

well its not over 9000 yet.

What do you ride (BMX, MTB, MTX, BSX)

Our summer = epic fail.Its raining basically every day lolz.

Today it got to 85F. But it's been cloudy/overcast this past week, which I must say is one thing I like about the Northwest. Also Assassinator where do you live that sounds like Oregon or Washington one month ago


I'd probably die there.

Fail Gameriot, Fail. When I say "Reply" I wont some quotes!

what is this blog supposed to be about?

i love the rain man