About the Looking Glass category

This is the official topic for the Looking Glass KVMFR Project. Feel free to ask for help or discuss the project here. This topic’s intent is to provide an official home for Looking Glass discussion outside of Discord/IRC and try to bring this community together in a commonplace.

If you’re here you likely already know what Looking Glass is, if not I suggest you have a look at the project’s home page and @Wendell’s coverage of this project.

Up until now, we have been relying on a single Triage thread to provide help and support, however as many have mentioned this thread has become a nightmare to dig for the gold nuggets of information in.

I (@gnif) am currently in the process of recruiting some help from this community with documenting Looking Glass on a Wiki (which doesn’t yet exist). The intent of the wiki won’t just be Looking Glass documentation, but also tips and hints on how to make living with Windows in a VM a better experience. The Wiki won’t replace this topic, but rather complement it.

So with all that said, welcome and have fun!


If you would like to support @gnif’s work on Looking Glass and other FOSS projects, please see the below options, it would be much appreciated!

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