Abnormality after power outage

Well as the title suggest my cpu is acting weird since I had a power outage yesterday, it went out when I was watching a video.

I have a few problems with it now:

1. The multiplier is not the same as what I set in the bios/uefi, where it was supposed to be at x16.5 making my processor clock at 3.6 ghz. Instead of that when I checked cpu-z I got only x4.0 multiplier and a .8 ghz clock

2.the temps are all over the place, in one instance I got somewhere between 40-45 Celcius (which is still 10 degrees above its normal range) or in other instances the sensor would just bug out and give a reading of 255 C on all cores

I tried flashing the bios but it didn't change a thing, I tried chkdsk if it was a OS integrity problem still nothing, I tried to boot of another hard disk and still got the same result. I left it turned of overnight to cool of and still the same thing.

My specs are

x6 1100t

msi gd65-990fx

saphire 6970

8192 MB of 4gbx2 vengeance lp

just to make it clear this problem only surfaced after the power outage I had, previous to that my system has been constant as it can be. Does anyone know what's wrong with my computer?

chkdsk doesn't check the integrity of you os, just that your hard drive is reading and writing files properly.


the staff over at that site know debugging and toubleshooting better than anyone i've seen, and probably have encountered this before. they helped me fix my computer before, they explain stuff clealy and have alot of experience.