Abnormal Turn on Sequence - Back from the dead laptop

Just posting this too show off a bit.

About 5 ish years ago now my laptop adaptor stopped working, as the dog managed to chew thru the wires. It took me until now to realize that it was fixable with my primitve tools. I removed the bitten parts of the wire and reconected the jack to the rest of the wire with some electrical tape, as I do not have a soldering iron. A couple of times a few strands of the inner wire were accidently taped to the outer wire and there were some pretty blue sparks and loud pops. Scaring the life out of me, as I thought I was going to set the house on fire.

I have to admit that its not the best repair job in the world and I can see why people do this with soldering. The slightest touch to the jack or pull on the adaptor frees the wires from each other. Maybe instead of tape, I should use glue. Or of course use the obivous solder and soldering iron.

Now as for the abnormal turn on sequence. It is abnormal as I have to turn it on by using the trackpad/mouse lvds cable. When I thought that I was never able to use the laptop again I tore it apart to look at the inside and in doing so I managed to break the wire that connects the power button on the keyboard to the Jpower port on the motherboard. After some thinking I thought that having the computer turn on via the trackpad/mouse would be the only way to power on the laptop. As its lvds cable was the only one that was small enough to fit into the Jpower port. So after plugging in the trackpad/mouse lvds cable into the Jpower port, the laptop either turns itself on automatically as soon as the wire is inserted into the port, or sometimes I have to push and hold the left and right click mouse buttons.

Unfortuantly because of the placement of the Jpower port, which is at the top of the motherboard and the location and length of the trackpad/mouse lvds cable I have to set the keyboard upside down and rotate it180 degress to be able to connect the lvds cable to Jpower. In doing so, I am unable to insert the keyboard lvds cable in. As I only have PS2 keyboards and no PS2 port on the laptop I have to remove the trackpad ribbon from Jpower flip the keyboard and then rotate the keyboard back so the letters face me and then plug the keyboard into the keyboard port in order to use the keyboard. Its a good thing that the Jpower port does not require a constant connection.

So after 5 years of non use I am finally able to use this laptop again. Which I am very stoked about. But also I am kinda anxious as one wrong move/sneeze or bump into the table will break my hackjob of a repair and will turn off the computer, as my batteries wont take a charge anymore. I guess thats not what I am supposed to worry about, since when the wire frees itself from the tape I have a live wire on the carpet. But #YOLO, thats what I and I am sure other great rebels would say.

Next time you think that turning on your pc is a pain in the butt because its under a desk or something, think again. Beucase it literally takes about 1 minute to be able to power the machine on as these stupid lvds cables are so short and fragile.

EDIT: I am running this from a live CD because I do not want the jack to be disconnected from the wire and loose power and harm my HDD. And it seems like spell check does not work via this live cd, soo if there are spelling mistakes I am sorry for having them.

Have you considered configuring Wake on LAN? It might make your process a little easier.

Bro, I think you may have saved a lot of time in my life! I am gonna try right now.

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