A8-5600k integrated gpu + 7870?

Mother Board: MSI FM2-A55M-E33

Ram: Patriot Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba Edition DDR3 8GB (1866MHz)

Power Supply: eVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B 750w (In case I want to upgrade in the future)

Apu: A8-5600k 

Graphics card: Asus HD7870 DirectCU II V2 


Im mainly modding Skyrim and a bit of gaming (GTA V, Far Cry 3), my question is will this combo bottle neck? 

I just need something that could bare with me until Christmas, I'll be upgrading my system by then. Being said, if anyone can advise me on what I can buy for the cpu and motherboard (~$200) during Christmas, that'll be great.

Thanks guys!  

It wont crossfire or use any of that dual gpu stuff. Also, the a55 chipset from my experience isn't that good when it comes down to putting a dedicated gpu in there, so I would upgrade to the a75 chipset (or the A85x).

Yup.  Sadly, the APU won't crossfire with a 7870 as they use different architectures or something.