A8-5600k bottleneck?

I'm thinking about upgrading my gaming pc, so I've been thinking about getting another Radeon HD 7850 for my build (but I'll have to get a new motherboard first) but I'm not sure if my A8-5600k is going to bottleneck a crossfire 7850 setup. 

It will. Time to upgrade to a nice CPU and a new platform. FX 8350s are cheap. And so are 6300s. that and a new motherboard, preferably the Asus m5a99x Evo r2.0

It will bottleneck a crossfire setup. A single 7850 would be fine.

Yes Yes Yes that a8 5600k can not handle it. Sometime you should upgrade to a better mobo and cpu. Right now the fx 6300 is $109 with that you should get a 970 chip-set am3+ board. The Asus m5a99x Evo r2.0 is a very attractive option.


an a8 will not bottleneck on most games

I think we need some benchmark since we're having some conflicting opinions.