A8 3520m

I have an amd apu in this laptop and I cannot figure out what drivers I should be using . The GPU in this is obscure and I don’t know what GPU driver to choose and how to install it.

I’m using latest Manjaro xfce with kde installed. Had similar results on both environments.

Please instruct me as to what GPU driver do I need and how to install it. Performance is my concern open source or proprietary doesn’t matter to me.

Thanks for years of wonderful podcasts and many more to come and thank you for the help ahead of time.

You are not giving us much to work with but opensource driver is the driver you should be using. It is turn key out of the box and you should not need to do anything considering how old your hardware is.

Are you actually having any issues. If, not, then leave it alone.

I figured it out myself, I expected someone had an Apu and figured out what works well but that wasn’t the case.

Ill delete the thread…