A8 3520m APU 1ghz overclock

I switched from my Intel pentium dual core laptop to my 2012 HP DV 6 Apu based and laptop recently. This laptop is a 1.6 GHZ quad core with an integrated Radeon HD 6620g GPU.

I used a command line utility called TPC (turion processor control) to adjust my voltages and P states and now am running a 1100 mhz overclock at lower than stock voltages.

Temps are a little high, about 70c but still completely stable running stress tests at full load and seeing as how these cores are very similar to the turion they should be safe up to their max tcase temp of 95c.

Reason I’m posting this is because I asked how to do this but it seems nobody that used these laptops really knew enough to learn how to do this to an first gen Apu laptop.

I’m also running amdvlk vulkan standalone driver and AMDGPU and everything is running like a dream.

I’ll post screen shots later and details on how to do this, it’s all pretty easy to do as easy as a simple git clone and complie from the aur repository

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