A10 mITX Build Question

What do u think of the following build?



I think if you what to spend $1400 AUD on a ITX build buy intel 

For an extra $40


That ASRock board has 6+2 power phase instead of the FM2 MSI board which has 8+2 power phase. Try quoting a for a similar price or price juggle it with another part. Actually scratch that, if hes going M-ITX why not get the Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe board. A full 10 phase board, sure its around $180 USD but its worth it than any other stinking 100 dollar M-ITX motherboard on the market. Also I think he would be more happy with a HD 7870 XT since its priced similarly to a HD 7950 but performs just as well as one overclocked for slightly less price.

No the msi is a 4+1 and not heat shielded ether a very poor decision by MSI (as usual)