Ive seen the new A10 which i do like but my main question about it is it able to render out videos as fast as the Fx 8350 or is it better?

A10 is really good processor, but as far as rendering i don't think it's going to be faster or even compare to FX8350 or FX8320.

Only if the rendering program can take advantage of the GPU portion, I couldn't tell you how many or which programs support it though


Because of the fact that the 8350 has 8 cores, the a10 can't compete with it.  However like stated above, a rendering software that takes advantage of the gpu would possibly even things out.(As long as you have some fast ram). Also if any video editing software releases support for HSA the a10 would probably beat the 8350.(that is purely speculation Im not sure but that is just my opinion.)