A10-7850k questions

So I just finished my APU build with the 7850k.  I was wondering if there are some tips and tricks I should know about?  Can I change the amount of RAM dedicated to it?  Right it I believe it is at 1 GB.  I accidentally bought the wrong cooler, one for FM2 and not FM2+, so I cannot overclock it yet.  

Also, is there a way to reliably see temperatures?  I recall AMD not reading temps accurately.


I did not know where else to post this, so since it is the GPU part I figured I would post it here.

amount of vram - depends if the motherboard allows it, though i doubt it has the power to utilize more than 1gb if that's what it has available at the moment

cooler - it's the same socket, that's impossible

temps - amd doesn't use a sensor for temperature but rather calculations, it's fairly accurate at load, idle not so much, pretty much any tool will be reading the same data so there's no reason to recommend anything over anything else *unless it's an asus board, the asus software is unreliable (personal experience)

I went into the my BIOS and allocated 2 GB for it.  I must be trying to put the cooler on wrong, because nothing I did could get that cooler on correctly.  It is the Hyper 212 EVO for reference.



MSI Afterburner maybe? There was this program called SpeedFan that will detect temperatures in your system

That cooler will fit. AMD has not changed the way a cooler has hooked up in years.

if you figure out how to actually get accurate temps from these new fangled APU's please share. i have two apu systems in the house now and i judge temperature via CPU cooler noise

Hey Kiyuubi do you know if a fan mounted on the Hyper 212 EVO interferes with the RAM sticks? I recently finished my APU build and I have similar sticks at 1866MHz I was just wondering because I wanted to do a push/pull just for ascetic purposes with the EVO.

The Evo shouldn't interfere with the RAM sticks, that is one of its main selling points. And even if it touches the RAM stick, there should be no problem because the fan frame is plastic.



This is also true for FM2/FM2+ hope it helps you

I watched that one, I really wish the guy had the RAM slots occupied.