A10-7850K Crossfire

Hey guys! I have a quick question about the A10-7850K. Can I crossfire it with any R7 card or is it only 240/250? I’ve heard something about gddr5 cards not being compatible with this APU. :(

Tom Hardware tested the new A8-7600k Kaveri in dual graphics mode (crossfire) with an R7-240 GPU, but they didn't specify if they were using the 2GB DDR3 or 1GB GDDR5 version. The tests yielded very good results with some of the games showing really nice performance scaling. Here's the article: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/a10-7850k-a8-7600-kaveri,3725-8.html

Perhaps you might be able to find out through AMD's website if the GDDR5 versions of these GPU's would be compatible. 

The R7-250 would be the highest card I'd crossfire with the 7850K as it's probably the closest in performance to the iGPU. 

Thanks a lot for info. They were using DDR3 R7 240(Skyrim comparison). :)

Any R7 with DDR3 VRAM should work.

The only thing is the GDDR5 cards perform significantly better. It's worth finding out if they work in dual graphics.

it would seem that amd hasn't directly said what is crossfireable with kaveri like they've done in the past

also people were using gddr5 6670s with 5600k/6800k's, i don't see why that would have changed, thing is it will have to slow down to match the system memory so there's no benefit to having the gddr5 variant, *unless the ddr3 variant uses slow ram ie; the ~6Ghz vram will have to clock down to (lets say max) 2.4Ghz system ram, but if the gpu has 1.3Ghz ram you'll probably never get it up to match your 2.4Ghz system ram

What if you have 3133MHz RAM? It exists.

and you're the only person on earth stupid enough to pay that much for ram

Maybe I am...

After poking through a few google searches, I saw a few sources that indicated both the DDR3 and GDDR5 variants of the R7-240/250's will work in dual graphics mode with the new Kaveri APU's, but there will be no performance difference between the two v-ram types running dual graphics. Running them as discreet GPU's the GDDR5 variant would perform better. However, running either in dual graphics would still outperform the GDDR5 variant running in discreet.   

Is everyone confused yet? lol :P

They are also making R7 250X just to add to the confusion :P

I just saw that on AMD's facebook wall yesterday. *facepalm* 

AMD, why you make more low-end cards??? 

I totally understand that not everyone has the funds or needs to buy the higher-end cards, but there are plenty in the lower end to chose from already. The 260X is basically a 7790, so maybe the 250X is the new 7770? 

You cant run a HD7770 in APU CF so you will not be able to APU CF a R7 250X (as it is a HD7770)


Thanks for posting. Good to know. (looks like I guessed it).

And correct, you cannot run the 7770 in dual graphics which also rules out using the 250X.

the 250x is the new 7770.

But I think part of the reason they're releasing all the low-end cards is due to the fact that the high end cards are absurdly expensive.

Quick update. AMD is re-releasing r7 250 on the Cape Verde Pro GPU and launching R7 250X on Cape Verde XT(confusion galore).  http://www.benchmark.pl/aktualnosci/amd-radeon-r7-250-nowa-karta-cape-verde-pro-specyfikacja.html

Sorry for the polish art. but I couldn't find any other info.

I was actually wondering when the 512 core version of the R7 would be released to replace the 7750 and was disappointed when the 250x wasn't it. Re-releasing the 250 as a 512 core part and then releasing a 240x as the 384 core part would make more sense.

Conveniently  512 GCN cores is EXACTLY what is onboard the 7850k, so it would seem that if they allow it to CF that would be the choice to make.  They say the 7750 wont CF with the 7850k, but I have not seen anyone try it, and that seems like a dumb move to only let the onboard CF with cards WORSE than it.

But wait! There's more! Now AMD has release yet another R7 GPU... The 265! >_<

This one is claimed to have performance equivalent to or a little better than the previous HD7850 GPU. (not to be confused with the A10-7850K APU). IMO it should be dubbed an R9 model... but what do I know? lol

AMD, what are you doing??? Why such complex naming system? O_<

Its more of a gimped 7870 so better perfomance than the 7850 but takes the 7850's place in the line up competing with the GTX 660 and for only $150 the R7 265 is looking like a fantastic budget gameing card.


APU-CF suks anyway i dont see why anyone would whant that stress in there life when a dedicated card is faster and works on all games and dosent have framepaceing problems.


APU crossfire (dual graphics) does make sense, but only for certain situations and with certain components. Depends on the person's budget, chassis, power requirements, type of games they want to play and resolution/settings.