A10-5800k with 6670

I found this while doing some research on low budget builds.



If you plan to buy this, buy it... You can play Crysis 3 Beta well on 1080p60fpsLow with good framerate...and record it with atleast 30fps.

i had this set up for about a month. if dont really care about graphics, then its a good deal, personally, i couldnt justify being locked into only running only that card to be able to crossfire it. the 5800k apu is basically a 6670, thats why you can crossfire it. great processor, but its pointless to get unless you dont really mind the "low" performace.

You will probably get better performance if you just get a non apu cpu and a dedicated graphics card, Crossfire or sli will always remove a bit of the performance.

Yeah so far thats my biggest hang up about even possibly doing this. I would almost rather spend what i wanted to spend and just by stuff in pieces so ill still end up with a good pc.

If you have a small bugdet then buy it with 6670 also A10s have APU 7660D not 6670... You can overclock it, its not a PC that you can really upgrade except RAM and GPU since its FM2. You can buy an AM3/AM3+ board and buy an old AMD CPU and then upgrade it when you can...