A10 5800k to get into gaming?

Looks good but drop the winders 7 and get a 6670 for crossfire. I have a friend who has a old FM1 a8 and he said that you can run any game you want on high medium with good FPS.

I'm not an expert on this nor do I claim to be, but I just want to say this now.

The APU in the original build only supports up to 1866 ram. Getting anything faster than that is a waste of money. A better option would be 12-16gb of 1866 or 1600.


from what I have found, the CPU may support up to 1866Mhz, but the motherboard supports up to 2600Mhz. This means the setup will work fine with 2400Mhz Ram. The CPU may down clock the ram to 1866 but you can manually O.C it back to 2400Mhz. Also, by getting 2400Mhz RAM, the next gen of APUs will support 2400+ by default

But if the memory controller can only handle 1866 there's no point in all the extra hassle of OC'ing the ram and spending the extra money when you're going for a budget build. It's a lot of extra hassle for no reason.

except that the next gen of APUs can handle it just fine. That is the thing. And really, he should be looking at a FX8350. Much better GPU and CPU for the money. Anything better would be Intel.



removing Windows from the equation. Add $100 for the OS. The parts bring it just over 600.

Actually AMD A10 5800k can support up to 2133mhz RAM... Look at toms hardware under GPU or CPU section. Check also for "Richland" CPUAPU

A10 6800k will be atleast 20% faster than A10 5800k and "richland/steamroller" counterparts of A4 to A8 will be 40% than trinity versions.