A10-5700 BF4 performance

Hello all, i am going to be building myself a gaming PC, i already have everything set in stone what im going to purchase though i already have my 760 coming in the mail.


I will be purchasing everything else for my build about a week and a half after BF4's release, so i was wondering what kind of performance you all think i could manage using the A10-5700 + GTX760 in battlefield 4.

If you're getting a GTX760, don't get an A10.

Im getting a i5-3570k, i just have a A10-5700 in my current desktop and i planned on putting the 760 in it to play BF4 as i await all my other parts to get here

I wouldn't get the 3570k. I have it now paired with my gtx660ti. And I'm having heating issues. And ontop of it. Bf4 beta is running my cpu to 90%. So i am lagging really bad. Honestly right about now I wish I went with the fx6300. My buddy is running that with good results. 

You having heating issues because the beta is unoptimized and runs hot at 85-100% with all cpus.  Once the game is released, or perhaps a month later knowing dice, it will get better.  I know that the update they released to "optimize the game" changed my framerate from 65- 80 fps maxed settings to around 35 fps with massive amounts of shuttering. 

That is just the beta being poorly optimized. The 3570k is leaps and bounds better than the fx6300.


to the topic of hand, a10 with 760 performance in full release

I would have recommended getting at least a FX 6300 for powering a 760...

My 3610QM runs into the high 80s in BF4, the FPS doesn't even stay over 60 consistently when I am running it at 720p, all low settings. When I overclocked my 670m to 730MHz (up from 598MHz) the FPS was somewhat better but I started getting into the 90s on the CPU.

... I already stated I'm getting a i5-3570k. I don't actually intend on using the A10 as the CPU in my gaming rig, it is just what I will have to deal with for the first week or two of BF4's release

Sorry, wasn't clear, I don't really know anything you are putting in your rig >.<

I would not expect anything impressive unless you are pulling some impressive overclocks.

What settings/frames do you think?

Are you sure? Seeing as how BF4 is pretty much being optimized for AMD (with Mantle etc), and since that's specifically what you are asking your build to be able to play, why are you ignoring someone who knows, not believes, how certain cpus are performing in game?

Because using the beta as a example is extremely poor due to poor optimization around the board. I have heard people equally complaining with intel and amd about performance issues due to the poor optimization.

I highly doubt mantle is going to be so good to make a CPU that gets pounded day and night by the 3570k better than it

All I know is with my rig I get 35 to 50 fps on ultra (55-70 on high) with an i7 3770k @ 3.5 and a gtx 660ti power edition from msi at the stock overclock. BF4 seems to be ram hungry as it us using 12 gb of my 16 gb of ram on ultra settings. I do not have heating issues on my bitfenix prodigy with a h80i in push pull cooling my cpu. The rest of my specks are in my profile.  

With the A10 and 760, it will be playable. I can't say what kind of performance you will have, you may have to play on low.

And the 3570k is a perfectly good gaming CPU. Don't let people talk you out of that, with Mantle et cetera. Mantle is open source, anyway.

I will be ok with playing on low. It will only be for a few weeks. the 3570k will be what I am aiming for, I'm buying my parts on Black Friday so if I can get a slightly better CPU for cheaper I will get that. I am just sort of uncertain if I should aim for a different mobo than the P8Z77-V LE

why 3570k? why not haswell?

Mantle isn't actually "open source" as it is designed to work on AMD platform only, not Nvidia or intel or such. the platform is 'open' in that any developer can develop for it, but that doesn't mean it's totally open... 

I have a 4670k and a 7950, and can play the game on ultra, with the lowest FPS i got being 51 whilst being in fire.

a 3570k will do fine. 

And it will definitely beat out a 6300.

Because the haswell equivalent to the 3570k (4670k), is slightly worse than the 3570k (by 2-3 frames). Why pay 15-20$ more for worse performance?

Wow SmileAsTheyDie you're really an intel fanboy/girl. You really don't know what the AMD CPU's are! The i5 3570k has 4 cores, the fx-6300 has 6 cores and the fx-83** have 8 cores with 3,5 or 4 gHz, which you can OC like hell! BF4 is AMD optimized plus double the cores for 20-30 bucks less. MoBo is same price. Really, you will be missing out on so much power! Plus buying 6/8 cores is better for the future, as more games will be using more than 4 cores and you're sitting there with 100% load on all 4.