A year of suffering over audio over HDMI

my suffering started a year ago when i got a 43 in 4k tv from walmart. it works and it's pretty and i like it but their is a problem. the laptop that i wanted to be the video/audio source is only sending video. so update audio driver and no dice. not a problem i'll do the long form uninstall reboot install reboot plug in method. still no dice. google and find not one but a million separate possible fixes and try many of them. the days become weeks, and the weeks become months with no audio. at this point i hate everything and have spent around 10 hours on this. it's been a year and i updated the intel igpu drivers, and surprise surprise it works.
the audio would not work without an igpu microcode update. fuck windows. i hate everything. why do we even have sound we can sign language.
hopefully someone will learn from my pain. try not to laugh too much.


HDMI is just a pain in the ass. never had it work completly correctly in any OS