A weird problem with wifi

I need some help troubleshooting the wifi problems I’m having.
The wifi keeps dropping every 10 to 15min or so. I’m running manjaro i3wm and when this happens I can see that my wifi icon is still showing that I’m connected. The weird part is, that I might be connected to discord and it will still keep the connection (I can hear others, they can hear me) for some time after I cant for example get connection on my browser.
The same happens when I’m playing minecraft. The discord might disconnect and I can’t access anything on firefox, but it doesn’t necessarily disconnect me from minecraft server. (Everything disconnects eventually)
When I reconnect to the network (although it shows that I’m connected) everything is fine again for 15 or so minutes.
I also tryed to use a USB adapter to see if it’s my wifi card and the issues persist. I don’t have a lan port on my swift 5 laptop to test on.
I would rule out my router as the issue for the time being because I had no problems staying connected on my other PC where I’m connected to LAN, these problems also don’t seem to affect android device where I’m connected to the same internet.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I had a ‘similar’ issue crop up years ago. Thanks to some p2p software I was running, and the way it managed connections behind the router, I ended up with the equivalent of a memory leak on the router. Once available memory got too low, existing connections still worked, but new connections failed because the router could not allocate any more memory for a new connection.

Monitor your router’s free memory to eliminate ‘something like this’ as a possibility.

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Thank you! I will try that.