A Warning To Those Who Want To Repair / Use an Ibook

I am putting this as a blog because this is what its intended as. A note. IDE is not widely used anymore and I am the only person here doing this shit 24/7/365. Put it as hardware if you want, but its just a note relevant to .07% of this forum (my blog notes keep getting changed and its annoying me. Thx).

I have an ibook that I absolutely adore. It is the lowest end model that was possible to get. 128 MB total ram, 30 GB HDD, 1.07 GHZ PPC 7445-A18 Proc, And this one didn't even come with a battery. It was special ordered as a replacement unit for a business and someone bought it from the business and maxed it out ram and battery wise, left the faulty HDD in (and I'll tell you why it was faulty), then never used it for the 6 years it was in the owners possession.

SO, why did the HDD fail? I want you guys to think of a PATA / mIDE HDD right now. Where the jumper location is is part of the plug right on the unit for the HDD. On certain hard drives the jumper lines would also function as sensor relays. If your drive did not have built in sensors then you could install, use the drive for probably about an hour, and the thing would die.

Apple used 3 drive companies. HGST, WD, and SeaGate. Being honest here, and I don't mind if you like WD or not, you were absolutely fucked if you had a WD drive in your ibook. With the powerbooks you had sensors externally that you could stick on the HDD itself. Of course you also paid 2000 USD more for it so it was expected that you would be getting better setups (most often the probes were cut out because the multi-spindle drives that were like 250-350 GB were so hot in such a short amount of time in use the probe would freak out and shut the system off, just for note).

So that apple could save money, they bought drives that they THOUGHT had SMART diagnostics. I assume that most of you know what that is, but in case you don't, SMART is a diagnostic toolset that has to be built into a drive and detected in OS to activate. On most drives SMART just does low level defrag and format (if you paid a lot for it that is), RPM detection, sector count, and in the case for apple's ibooks Temperature detection. Now, because 2 of 3 ibooks were shipped with drives capable of temp detect, I'm labeling it TD from now on in this post, any drive without TD would do the same thing as the powerbooks. If it doesn't just not detect TD and shut down, it can do MUCH worse. For my unit if TD is not on the drive the unit can freeze on bootup from mid hardware detection, or it can boot after installation but the drive will do anything from a list of shit such as overspin the HDD motor and warp the discs, not detect the discs but be bootable from a CD, and frag the drive with random data, thus sending the MOBO scrambled data and killing it somehow.

Wait, sorry, "~logic board~"

I hate that term...

So, in any case if you get an ibook, save yourself time and buy a 100 GB Seagate Momentus OR BarracudaGC. 54-7200 RPM switchable on the Momentus so you can do low power or high performence so I would look for one of those if I were you.

And remember, don't throw it away or I will hit you with a book! :DDDD

Or a mac mini.

Either way, ow.


I generally like your rants derived from real work experience. But, what is your obsession with old low-end hardeare? Just curious ._.


Its all I have! If I had money, trust me, I would have a powerbook 17 inch with a 9800 ROM and an overclockchip + all firewire ports mounted and 2 gigs of ram. That would be my PPC machine. I love these stupid things even if they really are just awful.

Its like loving a wrecked Chevelle that still rolls and does high 16 second passes at a drag strip. It looks like shit, is hot as hell, but its fast enough.

Also thank you :D I don't get compliments often.

haha you're welcome dude.

Bro i could give you this old computer if you really need something from this millenium.

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Have you thought about adding your blogs about this stuff to the community wiki?

Nope. Last I knew no one could post and I lost the link TBH.

What is it and what's the shipping? ATM I can do 25 cents. If its not as cool as a MIPS 4110 IDC lol or whatever the hell was in a PSP. I feel like 4110 was the number.

I find these interesting, also because I have a lot of old hard ware and I just see this and think "I am not alone" thanks, keep up the good work

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I think I just found Bae.

Literally I slapped this thing together with shit I found lying around the house and from relatives. Don't need it now since I got a really High end server now. I'm willing to let this go becuase its not that much more powerful than a RPi3 and I know you've been suffering with this old stuff and I consider you a decent human being. If you pay to have this thing shipped its yours friend ^_^

Intel: Pentium 4 (LGA-775 Prescott), dual core ~2 GHz
2 GiB DDR2 (4 DIMMS, mobo is maxed out btw)
500 GiB Toshiba HDD (2.5")from a Macbook Pro from 2012
Improved after market heatsink (nothing fancy, but it has copper base)
I could throw in a few more spare fans (cooler master) 120 mm
850 Watt PSU (kind of a shitty no name, is not 80+)
Cooler Master HAF 912

Jesus just ask me out already.

Sadly I have too many modboxes that are P4's so adding another one won't help me any XD

Also check BIOS to see if it supports HT. Otherwise your chip is stuck with it turned on. I would look to see if there are better chips you could use. P4's were never 2cores.

I had to repair an iBook G4 last week, wasn't a pleasant experience. It's so damn difficult to strip it apart!

ahh i gotcha, I'm just in the market to get rid of this thing. AFAIK it doesn't. It was ripped from an old dell computer. And it does have only two cores because thats what is detected by the BIOS. so.... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Funny story how I got the HDD.

A friend of mine was having trouble with his Macbook, so he brought it to me. I never really worked with MAcbooks before. Not very hard to take off but long story short we had to replace the sata cable connecting hid HDD to the main board, and we then replaced the HDD with an SSd. IT ran so much faster afterwards that he gave me the old HDD. Twas a good day :D

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I'm an expert at this point on the 12 inch models. Lemme know if you need any info on them.

Genius bar my dick.