A Virtual Internet Connection?

I noticed on one of the threads some people were saying something about star craft 2 not having lan support, wouldn't it be possible to make a virtual internet connection where you could play "online" within the lan enviorment similar to a Virtual drive? I know someone made a program where it let you play Mario Kart online when it was suppose to be lan only, couldn't you do the opposite?

What drugs have you been taking?

How about a link?

as long as it matches all the criteria for starcrafts internet play I'm positive you could

it would have to be more than a virtual connection, you need to be logged in to battle.net to do anything online or even make a party.

What Bee-Hoo said. It works by logging in and connect to the Battle.net servers. You need an actual internet connection to do that.

hrm only if you could make a virtual server too, although if you went through the trouble aof making a virtual internet connection and server then you would probably just patch the game yourself and hyperhorse this is just something I thought of

no but i wish :( but I think this is similar to what people who host their own WoW servers do (in the sense that they have to do something to emulate a connection to the WoW network)

also a virtual drive is emulating something that is not there at all, the internet is just like any other network just alot bigger