A video card health status LED?

While I was speculating on the downside of EVGA's Precision X software to myself (don't question me on that), I came up with an idea on why manufacturers didn't came up with an idea lately on putting a status LED on their video cards, especially if you're talking about flagship ones. I remember when someone did a murder test on 3 GTX 280s, each card did came with a status LED, telling the user of the card is alive or dead/defected. IMO, it could be handy because that will mean that you don't have to go through the trouble of seeing if the card is really dead or not and such other things like card alive but not outputting any signals (due to other defected component).

Your thoughts?

Something that produces less of a headache? You're crazy

MOAR LEDs. LEDs and glowy things everywhuuurr

No, not to the point where it gets too annoying. I mean, it should be as less distracting as possible. It should be informative. Anyone thinking of adding more than the status LEDs are just being themselves.

status LED would be pretty good. Why not? Why did they get rid of them in the first place?

Maybe what Berserker said; distraction, headache, you name it. They just need to redesign or reincorporate it somewhere out of constant sight, so the only time you need to see them is when you get access to inside the case or somewhere.

to be fair it doesnt have to be much. They could have easily incorporated it into the giant light up GEFORCE logo haha. Or it could have it only turn on when something goes wrong ;p

I haven't had a GPU fail, but I understand it is a terrible process of testing various components. Diagnosis software or anything that can indicate a particular issue will always be helpful. Manufacturers just don't make anything easy for consumers, because they don't want to accept the blame for the manufacturer's own faulty components.

If I can change the colour to match my components, I will accept it! I am a colour match snob

true... BUMS

You mean like the banks of LEDs on the backs of MSi cards? I have a 7870 and it has a bank of 8 or 10 LEDs on the back to show what's it is up to load wise, but if it is failing I imagine some of them would not light up as that part is dying. The LEDs come in pairs and each pair is for a different part I think, like 2 for RAM and so on.

I could be completely wrong. I never really looked into it. The card is the 7870 Hawk. They are on the 270x Hawk too being the same card.

EDIT: These https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6AWpNVntA1Y6xU0pFnUqkiZidemj26A50kNWLUjDjSkyucfrzDKVf4ezo

every video card has at least one : it is called a MONITOR - if it shows a picture the GPU works -- if it shows NO SIGNAL but the PC is on and cables are in the proper order then the GPU has a problem

dah bhurrmmss

What ever happened to good old beeps?