A useful .FLAC to .AAC converter?

I am currently looking to convert my FLAC library to AAC for various reasons (space, my phone, etc.). The thing is, I can't seem to find a converter that will work directly from .FLAC to .AAC, I found one but only seems to work with .WAV and the people over at Head-Fi aren't very useful either. "Why change from .FLAC?" ".FLAC way better than .AAC" and such. So tell my guys, is there really a .FLAC to .AAC converter? or should I give up and use a .WAV to .AAC?

Thanks in advance guys!


Try using that.

Use Foobar. You can also set it to automatically convert to AAC/MP3 when you sync your phone, leaving the music on your PC in FLAC format.

I use FormatFactory for most of my conversions. It supports most file types, has multi-threading support, converts most formats to any other applicable format, is freeware, and gets regular codec and software updates. Just be careful of the bit rates and what not in the defaults, they're kinda low for some file types.

I actually use Format Factory for images, might give it a try for some tracks, see how it stacks up.

I also got down in the free-codecs.com site, some useful things right there guys. Thank you!

I second this, I no longer need any sort of converter since foobar pretty much does most of it, and the things it can't do (like PCM -> FLAC) I can just find command line encoders for foobar to use anyway.

Many people said iTunes can do this job. That's a tale of a tub. iTunes does not support FLAC as the input format. How can iTunes convert FLAC to AAC?

From Macrumors, I found out an excellent solution of converting FLAC to AAC:

1. The solution will help you convert FLAC to AAC, MP3, WAV, M4A, ALAC, WMA, CAF, DTS, AIFF, etc;

2. It also allows you to optimize the output file;

3. If you want to extract audio file from videos and movies, it also can give you a hand.

I use Pazera Audio extractor, Yes it is called an audio extractor, but you can convert audio as well and fine tune bitrate too.


I usually use qwinff.

It uses ffmpeg on the backend and as such is able to convert almost any format into any other.


Take a look at ffmpeg, it is very convenient for all sorts of conversions, is very well documented and has a helpful community channel on freenode irc.

It supports decoding and encoding of both flac and aac, so you're ready to go.
It works in both Linux, OSX and Windows.