A thought on Charter injecting content into browsing

Here's the question: is this right?

Recently I moved and had a new Charter internet connection set up. I didn't have a router, as I had to leave the old one I had configured at the old place. I set up a laptop connected to the modem,and created a wifi access point from that.

So after the Charter Tech left me with a flapping internet connection, due to too high signal to noise overheating my crappy provided modem and I had them come back out to fix it in the same way that I already did, by adding a splitter, I thought it was time to get to some browsing.

All seemed fine until I hit my first non https:// website. I was greeted with this page:

The black boxes obfuscate my name and address which they were able to discern from my unencrypted traffic.
Not Cool.

Well, I didn't want to accept another set of T&C from the one I already did when I signed up for the service. Nor should anyone who is on my network.

Off to the DNS Settings of the "router" and add openDNS and google as a backup.

I havent seen the message more than two or three times since the change, I guess it's the small victories.
Time to get a VPN

They'll have got that info from the information you gave them when you signed up. They just wont have redirected you whilst using SSL.

Were the terms any different from the ones you originally signed?

I understand where they got the actual information from, but I find it annoying at least that the traffic is being seen in a way that they are able to know that my IP has not accepted the policy yet.
This message came up on multiple devices, including mobile. I would be curious to find out if it sets a cookie etc.

the terms are different form the ones on their site, but only slightly.