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Hey it's Wendell. I'm trying something a bit different with some original content.. this video is a little rougher than I would like so please be gentile haha. Hopefully the content is king. Also introducing my friend Grizzle who is very experienced in these matters. I will get Griz a better mic for next time also.

Join us for a long chat about Cryptography, Backdoors how they've been here all along, how badly they've gone and why it can't work even if we have the best of intentions.

Special thanks to Grizzle for joining me on this one.

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I have not yet watched it because mobile, but this sounds like exactly the type of off the cuff video that I can just turn on and enjoy. I look forward to watching it and will edit duely or just respond again if thoughts come on the topics.

Moar grizzle


Just thinking about it:
-Politicians need an "argument" to change things
-they are slow when working for themself, but get faster when companies back them up

Not so proudly I present, my disaster plan:
1) Make them ban encryption!
2) Watch companies loose EVERYTHING
3) companies push politicians into making encryptions legal again
4) The world will remember so this won´t repeat for the next ~30 years

Master plan:
1) Crank up education budgets
2) let everything fall to pieces (as it is now, just keep watching)
3) watch our children erect a better world
Note: This will cost money and take a long time. It will be a more seamless process but it will only last for ~30 years.


If a company was able (or was willing) to publicly or privately expose "terrorists", their location, contacts, etc... would the company (or its employees/family) then become a target of the "terrorists"?

This only indirectly affects this, but justice and law are two different things these days (in my oppinion, they should be the same).
If a company has the analytics to analyse everyone to spot terrorists, why wouldn´t they use it against others? Just point it at someone and fire. Remember, it is not directly prohibited by law, but is it justified?
It all comes down to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4GB_NDU43Q

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The script reading is a bit strange, but I got used to it after a few minutes. Great video.

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Great video, good content. My only nitpick is the format. I regularly listen TeamPGP streams where the topic is discussed, albeit not as thoroughly as has been done here, and those conversations come across as more organic/honest conversations, in the sense that you get to see Wendell's specific view point versus Grizzle's, which don't always align perfectly (which is good). As a result you get to hear some good honest back and forth discussion that is conceived on the fly (feels more honest and "fireside"). In contrast, this video, at times, mostly in the beginning, felt as if a script was being read line by line with little variance. Had a more preachy vibe. However as you guys got going it sounded less and less like script reading, as you guys got more into your regular mojo? Just food for thought. Like I said, good video. Can't wait to see more of Grizzle's involvement, and more of this type of content!



Yes a great video and the john Oliver is perfect for the non technical group. I also watched the John Oliver over the gov Surveillance and it like wow you have to go to the point of pics of your junk to get people to wake up!

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Hands down the best video I've seen all month, keep 'em coming, you guys did a fantastic job breaking down the subject at hand and telling it in very clear terms.

Can't wait to show my friends and other people this, also I'm interested in seeing Grizzle back for more discussion, whatever it may be.

I hate the safe/room idea that they use. You could store a file in a safe, and the information in the file can be encrypted. They have access to the data, but do not know what the information on the page is.

Having access to the drive with the data on is them getting into the room/safe with the data in it. So when they use the analogy, it actually means nothing.

They already can get the data, but they cant read it. They are using the fact that people don't quite understand the issue rather than a solid argument.

I was pleased with how well you guys covered things. I really enjoyed the video.

Well as I'm sure you're aware since you enjoy TeamPGP like myself... they had to edit this down from 3 hours of content. I would gladly watch the 3 hour video but many wouldn't so i understand why it came off in the manner you described.

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You did a great job. The video is exactly the kind of content that inspires me to drop a sawbuck on this community every month.

I do have a related question: How is it that you carry out this conversation with less caring friends to really push your group in better direction? I try to be a privacy advocate(though my tech knowledge is limited) within my friend group, but most don't really care, usually giving the "I have nothing to hide", or poking fun with "you really must be packing back that CP if you need a VPN". With family it's even worse, and the problem with all this is that without having those in your social network to also be on board with using secure platforms, YOU cant really use encrypted platforms. I can't use better chat/call/text alternatives because friends wont use the platform, or if they do and they run into ANY small snag they will not trust you again with your suggestions. How on earth do you start to tackle this?

One thing I am thankful in watching this video from Tek Syndicate is being reminded that I needed to subscribe to John Oliver. I watched three of his videos tonight relating to politics and more and it reminded me that I am not wrong in disliking what much of mankind does every single day. I wish the world would want to bring about serious change and unite us all on Earth but it will never happen. It is a sad, sad world.

More, please....

This is a great topic and very important for everyday people & lives just as it is with science these days; the ubiquity of technology means that it is no longer just a discipline in & of itself but has implications for many aspects of most people's lives.

I'm glad you brought up McCarthy, it's very apropos given that people & agencies seem very happy, and confident, to creative & believe narratives based on data whose only point of congruence may be that they relate, potentially tenuously, to you. What happens when someone uses your phone to look something ...topical... up during a discussion at a bar, or maybe you do, to prove a point? What about guilt by association, because you were in the same location as person-x?

@wendell you could use a freeware teleprompt next to the cam you want to talk to so you don't break gaze, feel more comfortable/natural so you can just talk/read freely without breaking your flow?

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There is hardly anything I can add.. you points are totally valid and I highly agree with you... even from a non US point of view (the arm the people, constitutional approach of defending encryption) its a fact, that all open communication and backdoors will only affect the law abiding citizen ... those that want to do criminal/illegal/terrorist actions always will find ways as they don't care for laws.

As for the art-style and roughness you mentioned - I don't mind - content is kind! period.

14:33 You have got the skinned animal's blood on you. Lmao

CGP Grey has just done a good video on the subject. Concise and easy to digest as his videos normally are. This could be the goto video to share to the less tech savvy people in our lives to help education them.

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