A tale of console vs PC debates. On youtube

  • I had no idea that people buying consoles, hold back the gaming idustry. As I look at PC being the least played out of the two. You have no idea what you are talking about.

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  • Imagine if your 360 only played N64 games. The graphics were shit. The gameplay was shit. With PC, that is how it is. We're stuck playing your shitty ports that are made for 2005 tech.

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  • The fact that you just called N64 shit, shows just how little you know. Graphics, under NO circumstances, make a game. It is, and forever will be, the gameplay. You are an immature PC eltist. Consoles are more popular and forever will be. If you can't undertsand and deal with this, stop playing games. No one care about another run of the mill PC bitcher.

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    I grew up with the N64, don't call me a little kid. The graphics and gameplay were mostly shit on those games. Sure, there are a few gems, but look at the overall library. Gameplay coming from a controller hugger? KB&M are way better, but I use a gamepad sometimes for platformers. Imagine if all your xbox looked like N64 games is what I was saying. You'd be sad that your powerful machine could only run games that looked like shit. I'm not bitching, I'm stating facts.

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  • graphics dont account for shit with people who actually know what a good game is. Would you play a game of kick the can on your xbox just because the graphics looked just like real life, fuck no because that game would be fucking boring. What about the T-bag game Geoff made in that one RT short? The thing you have to realize that in the past games were amazing because the graphics werent good, so developers had to rely on the game itself to be good so it can sell. graphics are like gravy, by its

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  • I'm not saying graphics are everything. I'm saying that they are important.

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  • well i was just saying, its not the thing that should make a break a game, unless it is so bad you cant tell what anything is.

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  • PCs also can create amazing game engines that redefine gameplay. Another analogy. 3d platformers were impossible on NES because the tech wasn't there. The N64/PSX era brought the tech that was capable. So, the genre was born. If we upgrade to PC level Tech, Devs will use it to create new things.

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Yeah, I just copied that from youtube. Deal with it. I've got more trees, if anyone is interested.

You're preaching to a deaf church brother. They refuse to admit that their console is outdated because god forbid they need to spend another 300 dollars on some plastic box, just let them to it.

I know, but I've got nothing else to do at the moment.

Just let them be man. Talking to them about pc gaming is like yelling at a cockroach.

They will never understand. Just like an australian guy i met saying that americans are all fat ugly and stupit; and that he knew them all.

I asked him if he has ever been to america and he said no. :P

  • As for "holding back the gaming industry" you are VERY ignorant of global gaming economics to think that consoles are holding back the game industry when if anything PC is. That's like saying ships are holding back global trade. Planes are much faster and efficient while also more expensive.Do you see the parallel?

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  • Ignorant of what? Imagine if Plane fuel was dirt cheap. Wouldn't you want the plane, because in the long run, you'll save on fuel.

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  • I could sit here all night but......... nah. In a simple reply, no, its not in both cases.

    No matter what I could say you wouldn't agree or say "While you have your opinion/belief, I politely disagree."

    There is no convincing anyone of anything on the internet. So I disband, have fun thinking your better than everyone else.

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There is one thing I would like to add. The only game I would play on console would be Zelda since you can't really find it on pc...

I only like Halo as far as consoles go.

It blows my mind when people say Zelda, Halo, and Final Fantasy are some of the best games ever made.

"Ever heard of King's Quest, Deus Ex, or Half-Life?"

"No, they good?"


P.S.: Consoles are cancer, and here's proof:


Halo is great. The story is great.

Only console games I play anymore are PS3 exclusives...

Heavy rain

Uncharted series


GOW series

Last of Us upcoming

Beyond two souls upcoming

Tons of great console games. This generation didn't see as many, but previous genertations had TONS. 

councils do fall so utterly far behind and actually the ps4 and 720 aren't really even being pushed by sony or microsoft.

Yeah, consoles are pretty far behind when it comes to GPUs (the CPUs have been die-shrinked to hell, though). The PS3 has the equivalent of a GeForce 7600GS and the Xbox has the equivalent of a Radeon X850.

It's not just the platform you play on its the type of people that you play online with. With consoles people dont work together on games like battlefield they just try and get the most kills whereas pc gamers work together to get team wins. so maybe its better that "Console people" should stick with there consoles

Me personaly, I just like the story line in Legend of Zelda, and I said it's the only game I would play on console. SO BUTT CLENCHING NERD RAGE ON YOU MY FRIEND.

Remember when Valve actually made ground breaking new game engines?

And this is why I tend to not start discussions on Youtube. It's the gathering point for ignorancy on the internet


I hate when people confuse your and you're...

What's worng with saying Zelda is one of the best games ever made? Have you played through an LoZ game completely? Most of them are brialliant. I'm a PC gamer and I have heard of every game series you posted and I stil belive that Legend of Zelda is BY FAR the best up there.

I use a 360 because game devs are going to make games optimized for consoles so every 3 years you don't have to go for a upgrade.

Oh yah and you don't have to build a console so I can still game with my friends who don't know anything about pcs.