A Tablet for Work?

So my sister has been looking into tablets for her work because her laptop isn't working out

Right now, she's working at a hospital and her co-workers have use their tablets (which got her thinking)

She would like one with a keyboard and I personally would want her to go android, so any suggestions? price isn't really an issue, but I don't wanna go all-out.


Asus Transformer Pad Infinity http://www.asus.com/us/Tablets_Mobile/ASUS_Transformer_Pad_Infinity_TF700T is a nice android tablet with a keyboard

Just a suggestion but maybe she would want one of the older Lenovo tablets that run Win7. They use a Wacom Digitizer so they are great for work. They also have a useful OS. I just bought an X201t off ebay (yet to arrive) yesterday.

If you do go this route wait for the next gen to come out.

A wacom digitizer is a must in a tablet for an artist but I am not sure what is needed for work at a hospital.

if this is for work it most likely needs to run windows, i'd reccomend an older laptop/tablet/convertible with maybe a core2 duo, as it's getting hard to find new laptops with a digitizer, best i could reccomend is a surface pro, but if you can get alond with an atom (i can't, but thats just me) there's lenovo thinkpad tablet 2, and dell latitude 10 (dell will let you configure one with a digitizer)

i believe samsung makes a few android tablets with digitizers, but i HIGHLY doubt android will work for work needs

I prefer over multitouch because you can make quick notes like paper