A suggestion, or question, if you like

I noticed, like most of your viewers, that you now have a base in the forests....somewhere. But I was wondering why  you didn't get a place in DETROIT, as some parts of it are now (reasonably) safe, and there's a Hacker Space there. The land in Detroit is CHEAP (or so I've heard) and some warehouses would be ideal for you.

I don't come from DETROIT, before we start a flame war.

I respect your decision whatever you do.

Please reply.

-GudWithFud, 9th of December, 2013

No one can live in that close a proximity to Lions fans and keep their sanity.  NO ONE.

I don't come from America so:

What are the "Lions"?

Please feature this on Inbox.EXE...

The Lions are a professional football team in Detroit. 

I know a safe place for the tek team: germany, the only place where the chancellor can be monitored 24/7 by american spys and no one cares ;D

I heard that antarctica doesn't have a spy agency 

Why do you keep capitalizing DETROIT?