A Solution to Climate Change?

Also, @Schwarz_Wolf might enjoy the Aussie mining solution to carbon dioxide 3 minutes in.

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On the subject of the first idea you'd need 400,000 tomato plants to get rid of the emissions from that Range Rover. The greenhouse would have to be 6 miles long.

So it's a funny with a little science behind it. The second idea is more sound then the first, just far too expensive.

HAHAH i love this.. shit.. oh gosh haha.. that definitley didnt go brilliantly

Why not just make a garden on the roof of every car?

Aero-dynamics. It'd probably do more bad than good see :p

It'd probably work for pick up trucks though?

Just needs to be build into the design, or maybe just something like a moss on top.

So the answer is if you own a car you have to have 400k tomato plants at home home sucking up CO2,

Obviously if you drive a Prius instead of a V8 Range Rover you won't need 400,000.