A short on "Builds are Very Boring"

Look at how many things come up when you go on youtube and search "PC Build".

Ya got all the big guys with the $6000 desktops on the thumbnail all saying the saaaame daaaamn thing.

Builds used to be fun. Hell I was going to build a machine for myself!! I was excited! My pentium 4 and PX7900 were going to storage! Maybe its that I actually have my machines set in stone for myself now, but it used to be fun to see why people built what they did for what reason. Linus wants to prove how cool he is to the other kids on the playground, Paul actually is the cool kid on the playground, Kyle is Pauls cool friend, Logan is the wierd kid from the special education classroom, Wendell is the school councilor. Each have their own logic (if you can call it logic) of what they are doing, and they have a push to what they want. But I have this problem of liking xeons and wierd cooling systems and servers and big endian chips or BI-endian chips, old computers, new computers, windows 2000, BeOS!


"Oh well get an i5 and a 1070 and 8 GB ram and an m.2 SSD burr durr hurr" great. 80 videos of the same thing. I don't expect like HP-UX itanium workstations or nothing but for fucks sake Linus buy an SR2 or something. Make something that is ACTUALLY interesting. Not some watercooled generic pile of shit that will leak so you can make emulated drama.

"Oh nae skunkworks melted aaaa" maybe you shouldn't name it after SOMETHING THAT SMELLS LIKE SHIT.

Now I don't want ppc builds, I don't want anything that is ACTUALLY creative and interesting, but like.... Something. Do a video, someone, on using IBM aptiva cases, polishing a G5 case, USING A G3 CASE, Putting an ITX build in a FUCKING 2006 IMAC CASE.

"Err nerr stertik"



Probably the main reason the only channel I watch is L1 now. No reason to sit down for an hour to watch 3 of the same video with a different voice.


I think they can be interesting if done with style like that or if you make your own case like this

But builds will be pretty boring unless you make your own case.....or of you are making a more build informational video

No, dont give Linus a SR-2, he'll just destroy it. Only person how should have one from the mainstream tech channel crowd. i hate to say to but JaysTwoCents (or maybe Paul for a nice video about it.)

Singularity Computers and Level1 are all the computer channels I watch

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This is what I am talking about. Who gives a shit about generic computer builds. Every other channel on the internet does generic videos. 6 core cpu, 1080's yada, yada, yada. Give me something exotic or better yet exotic and modded.

Level1 can really stand out from the rest of the community if they were to drop the generic builds and do some more videos like Wendell has already finished. Use old parts and show me how to get the best out of it. Everyone know that there has been minimum gains in CPU performance from the last couple of generations, so show me how to keep that equipment alive. Show me how to mod a GPU to make it do cool stuff, something.

I just hop Level1 doesn't follow the same boring path as every other tech channel. I do enjoy the presentation or unboxing videos but those are every where. With the members of this community, I would hope we can do better than a motherboard unboxing that shows connectivity and supported ram speeds. I mean do something cool with it, like show me how to get windows 7 to boot from the damn NVME that the motherboard supports.

I totally agree.
Budget build vids always get more hits but sponsors are loath to send over cheap stuff for testing.
Now when Jay matched a 5350 with a 380X the rusults were surprising hence the almost one mil hits on an under 400 dollar build. Of course he had to spend out of pocket.

There was another vid that explored OC'ing on a stock cooler, again with surprising results.

I super over watching console killing builds, $1000, $1500, $2000 dollar builds myself. They are very repetitive.

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They are so repetitive that I wonder if the content creators themselves are interested in the builds at this point

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As we all know YouTube is built on getting as many views, likes and subs as possible. The means luring in new viewers. Unfortunately the easiest new viewers to lure in are n00b viewers.

I welcome n00bs but many of them do not know of, or can't be bothered to search for an older video that shows them how to build a PC. And you can be damn sure that Intel, AMD and Nvidia don't want people to watch build videos from a few years ago using components that are no longer in production.

The realities of the market sorta forces the content creators to repeat themselves.
Too bad, because I used to enjoy watching fantasy builds that I know I will never be able to afford.
I never watch build videos anymore. Most of the builds I see are ridiculous overkill for the task at hand. Nobody needs an X99 workstation with 64 GB RAM in order to play GTA. I used to enjoy the fantasy of overkill builds but now I think they are stupid and feeding the public misinformation. "You have to get Skylake just like me, because last years CPU is obsolete and useless you pathetic losers."

I can't remember how many times I have heard -
"Well I guess your PC is sorta OK, even though it is obsolete."
Obsolete? What do you use your PC for?
"I play Skyrim on Skylake."
Well I do 3D engineering solid models and finite element analysis on Haswell and I'm still going strong.

I watch tech chanels to pass time and enjoy seeing new stuff as do not get to see it otherwise.

It can get very same same, have a look at Bryan's chanel,https://www.youtube.com/user/bryaneasy he has some random stuff thats watchable, like sawing through heatpipes on a GFX card to fit in a case. also hunts down cheap older PC parts for builds, random hardware stuff. incuding his fails which are fun also.

Wendell has been on talking about stuff xeons etc on some of his chat episodes, enjoyed them.

I just got bored of the standard tech tubers routine. I find myself clicking on their DIY videos because it's something different. I don't even find the just because builds entertaining okay you've stuck three 1080s in an HTPC build cool I guess.

Even the podcast/shows they do follow the same routine get some news to talk about it. Answer some comments throw out a straw poll.

I feel like no one wants to take a risk with their content and do something new because they haven't built their channel on that and at the end of the day they need to pay the bills. I guess hobbyist channels have more leverage on that.

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I think you might be surprised who would want to see it...

Like the ITX build he grafted the ipad LCD onto.

I do material stress simulations on Opteron 6380s. Those things are 2012 releases! And still holding up because the process is huge!
Smaller process nodes suffer from silicon or copper, not sure, crystals forming in the CPU and killing it. I don´t expect those chips to die anytime soon.

I agree with your viewpoint, it is stale to watch the same 1070+6500k builds over and over.
But that's what get's views, and I actually think Linus has some cool videos now and then.

That is why I started watching Bryan ( Tech City) and other smaller youtubers,that do budget and niche builds.

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I have a professor who still uses a pre-2000 PC and she's not willing to part with it any time soon.
Says she likes to actually see the simulation doing its thing over a couple of minutes instead of fast forwarding to the result. Since the data usually has a chronological component she's able to conclude a lot from the progression to the result which she wouldn't be able to do if the result is computed almost instantly.

Tried to "convince" her to at least get a new keyboard (so that I can snatch that old mechanical one), but she won't budge :)

On topic, @Nightraven13 I was just about to mention Tech City, and there's that other guy who makes some older gear builds (Phils Computer Lab).

But yeah, sponsors gonna sponsor...

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^^^This fucking clickbait shit
'console killer' is something even my girlfriend knows is shit... Someone tried to tell her his build is 'comparable' to a PS4/Xbone- a proud moment when she says 'well thats sad, I have a GTX titan.'
lolololol rekt =]

Seriously though... Give me a 280x and a old core 2 quad processor and I'll make you a 'console killer'
haha... 1000$+ to kill your console? no.

Why not build her a new box and under clock the fuck out of it?