A short linux story of when everything goes wrong whenever the hell it feels like it wants to

Right, so here’s what happened.

First, I wanted to stream some CSGO since I’ve been getting hackers every time I play for the last month (today there was a wallhacker and watching him it was easy to see it). So I open OBS, put on some music, and start stream. That was my first mistake.

So my desktop audio out of my sound blaster card was going through the mic channel and my mic audio was in my headphones. WTF is this? Stop stream, turn off all audio channels in OBS, turn off all audio channels in pavucontrol. Rebuild it all so the audio SHOULD be going in the right places. Well now desktop audio isn’t going through. When I get desktop audio to go through I can’t hear it. Well ok, change back to system soundcard like I had it before and just not be able to hear anything for a while. That makes it slam the randomizer button again. Fuck this, plug it back in, kill the mic and built in channels, focus only on the sound blaster.

At this point my chair and desk-side table are thrown across the room because I am really pissed. I get the cable back through, now my mic is gone and my second samsung display is inverted in color because sometimes it decides this. So I think “Ok, I’ve swapped audio… Lets go mack to XFCE since Deepin has its OWN sound manager” and that was an even worse idea.

So now in XFCE4 my 5:4 monitor is upside down, the samsung monitor is still having a seizure, and the dell monitor that is my main screen thinks its the samsung and vice versa. But audio works. I fuck around with the screen settings for a half an hour and nothing is cooperating. I can’t rearrange the screens, any direction I put my tool monitor in it just spins around to another direction, absolute madness. I’m almost convinced that I caught a virus from somewhere now that I think about it.

So at this point all I can do is sing along to the Grime tracks I am playing on my TV to not send my fist through my monitor. I go back to deepin, all the monitors stop, all the audio stops, all I can open now is just browsers and a terminal. I force format a USB and burn an Ubuntu Mate image to the thing, setup backup procedures, and try not to lose my mind.

And now for the last hour and a half I have been, by hand, scanning all my files and backing them up and doing file surgery as I set up partitions. I’ve written 0’s to the first 10GB of my 3TB HDD and my 1TB /HOME disk, scanned all my files for anything that’s super fucked up to find nothing, deleted old out of date files that were in the way, and have been sloooooowly moving files back as I listen to podcasts and play destiny.

Now, I know people are going to say “Well windows wouldn’t do that” and sure windows wouldn’t do that. Instead, windows would reject any of my hardware as legitimate and freak out, delete my drivers, then bitlocker would randomly kick on and encrypt my whole drive and not give me access, then the hard drive would probably explode. Or something else over complicated would happen. Windows doesn’t give you the ability to boot in on a live CD and surgically repair every thing bit by bit like linux does.

Also, this is the only tantrum I have had out of linux since ubuntu 13.04 when there were MASSIVE crashes in unity. I have never seen anything like this happen SINCE THEN.

This post is a response to @Freaksmacker as he posted a reaction to me in the lounge. I just thought you guys would appreciate that, while I do sing from the heavens about linux, I do occasionally see massive catastrophic damage.