A setting on my Motherboard is causing slow boot times

And i don't know what the hell it is..


So I've tested EVERYTHING regarding my SSD and it seems to be perfectly fine.

I've tried a different SSD and it still boots in the same ol' 21 seconds, vs the regular 6-7 seconds.


Can anybody figure out what setting I need to change on my Asus Z97-Pro Mobo? 

Those are both fast boot times for me but you can check to see if there is priority on the sata ports for startup disks. I know on my Fatal1ty board there is. Sometimes sata0 or sata1 is the boot port and not the others. If there is a hardware compatibility option you can turn that off as well but I recommend leaving it on. Install any fonts recently? Make sure your ssd has current firmware. Also boot times slowly can dwindle and 20 seconds is still fast as hell that is what my boot time is with extremely tweaked windows 7 pro 64.

Well I've also re installed windows a few times to make sure as well, and i have tried new firmware/drivers too.

It takes 21 seconds on the windows splash screen where it has the animated windows logo.

What's changed between going from 6 seconds to 21? You could try starting windows in safe mode so you can see if/where it hangs or what it's trying to load which is slowing it down.


remove the splash screen max ram and cores on boot remove unwanted fonts, remove/delay startups, desktop picture to desktop color, cclean it, repair registry, and remove unwanted services. Im confused is it 21 seconds to desktop?


Are you using a SLIC loader? - as that will cause lengthier boot times, especially under UEFI.

21 seconds cold boot time is totaly normal.

An SSD can only boot up in less then 10 seconds, if you enable fastboot in the bios.

I average 19 seconds - no fast boot, full initialization & network stack.

I think OP you have the 'from sleep' time of 6-7 seconds confused with 'cold' boot times. 21 seconds is fine.

To clarify your boot time OP once you've got into windows (assuming you're using 8.1) go to 'task manager' >> 'startup' >> look at Last BIOS time:  xx.x seconds.'

I'm pretty sure that I have it enabled, I have windows 7 still if that's a problem? But Windows 7 would still boot in 6 seconds every time when I had an H87 board with a cheap SSD.

It Takes 21 seconds after BIOS (3 seconds) where as it used to take 6 seconds everytime on my old H87 board with a cheap SSD.

I use windows 7.

I built a new computer, but the only different components are the Motherboard and CPU, the SSD is also new but i tried re installing windows 7 onto another SSD and the boot time is still exactly 21 seconds.

http://www.anandtech.com/show/8249/asus-z97-pro-wifi-ac-review/4 ~ 21.2 seconds

Like every other board around you cant strip back the bios and disable everything that you dont use or intend to use etc. - onboard audio, onboard wifi, onboard lan, some of the usb controllers and 3rd party sata etc.

Also its worth noting that every board is different. Cant really compare your old h87 to a z97, two very different beasts.

Go through the bios, and turn off everything except the controller that has your ssd for the os, boot up yeah it'll be fast but at the cost of nearly everything being disabled.

If your boot times bother you that much just put the pc to sleep. You can still turn the pc off at the wall and then resume the same session etc when you turn it all back on. I do it all the time. Going from sleep to desktop is a few seconds at most.

Hmm, thanks for that! I didn't know that the board could vary that much with all the different hubs and ports etc like wifi. I guess I'll have to stick with 21.2 seconds haha. but at least I know nothing's faulty. Thanks once again :)

5820K overclocked takes arround 27 seconds to cold boot. to windows 8

4670K overclocked takes arround 24 seconds to cold boot windows 8.

But every system is diffrent offcourse.

Flush your Virtual Memory