A segment in LevelOneTechs I'd love to see

I honestly would love to see either on the Linux channel, or on main channel maybe once a month, a segment that would be Linux news. Up and coming stuff about Linux, or new breakthroughs or something new about linux. This sounds SO cool to me as a newbie to Linux.


I second the motion.


+1 for me. It would be cool to have simple tutorials and/or trivia about Linux. There are a bunch of those on youtube but they are generally made with low production quality and a lot of them have basic content made by simply following instructions they read on some website which already was simplistic.

Simple stuff but with background information would be very informative and would lead to users trying new stuff by themselves. i.e., opening apps, scripts and binary files with the command line.

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I'd like some quick videos about basic stuff too. Something similar to techquickie or the like. Consistent structure, good production, good content. A monthly news show would be cool too. I don't know how much linux news is relevant to most of us though.

I already knew about the Linux channel. This was kind of an Idea to go towards that if you read my post.

Well, it's just a matter of the team getting enough time to make the videos.

There's also periodical community news threads.

I think people are asking a lot of the guys at the moment, they all work full time day jobs and this is a hobby, people need to keep that in mind. Wendell did say there is some linux projects in the works in one of the PGP streams.

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I'm not asking them to do anything. I was just offering up an Idea. If they could, awesome. If not? Oh well. I'll get my fix with them either way.

I wasn't meaning to imply you were, may have come across that way. Point is though, they're only going since November or so as L1 techs, give them some more time to get on their feet. If you build it they will come, they're still building it for the moment!

Or too make it easier on the crew, they could say to the community, what content they want created and then someone in the community can contribute that video.

On one thread that Wendell created he asked the community to remake it and make it more current. It would be fun to have that back and forth nature.

Also @Eden contributed what you asked for, although in not the fashion. He did make a post about Linux news. It was supposed to be a rolling thing, but it appears Eden fell off of a cliff or something. He has not been on lately. I know cause I was stalking. ;)

Just watch Jupiter Broadcasting, they have linux news like everyday and on all your flavors. Personally if they are gonna promote linux they need to promote the software first. like real software that works faster or better in linux vs. windows.

I love to see this as well.

I'd love to have a Linux Project Of The Month. Just a way for Wendell/Ryan/Krista to create a task or project to set up as an opportunity to practice a skill one might not otherwise use. (One month could be setting up a working VM. One month could be setting up a server or something. Etc.) I don't really know, as I'm only 1 day into using Linux, but any way to practice or develop skills I wouldn't otherwise use in my daily computer routine would be super cool.

Maybe on the 10th and 20th of the month they could provide help or advice for people who need to catch up. It would also be awesome to see the forum discussions, suggestions, multiple approaches to a problem, etc. Could be another way to build the forum and community up a bit, and I bet there are folks here with expertise that could design challenges so the workload isn't entorely on the L1 crew.

If there's nothing like this in a month or so when I'm feeling more comfortable with Linux I'd love to help head it up. Maybe it could be like the reddit photo class thing. Could be Linux class 2017. Follow along and learn Linux over the course of the year.

Edit: Sorry for the ugly thought processes. I was coming up with the idea as I typed it.

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I am sure the level1tech crew are taking a look at this for ideas. So I would like to add what I would like to see.

Maybe some quick tips or projects where you teach us how to use wget in some cool way to grab whatever we want from a webpage. Anything that helps automatic some task would be great to learn/watch. However, this may be a little bit noobie focused.


I'm sorry, what?

He's just linking to the news thread.