A Router That Doesn't Suck

Please, suggestions for a router that is incredibly fast with good coverage? I bought an "Asus - Extreme Wireless-ac2400 Dual-band Gigabit Router" a couple of years ago, thinking it was going to last, and have been extremely disappointed. Budget is $400.

Just so tired of the terrible condition current consumer routers are in and hoping one of you guys has an idea.

Sorry, must clarify, looking for a wireless router.

Maybe a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X + UAP-AC-LITE if you can get your hands on one?

It probably would be good to know what kind of area you're setting this network up as well.

Also, "extremely disappointed" = ?


You could build a router for that much, and possibly double it as a home server

I recommend ubiquiti too, I haven't used their routers but their access points are awesome. If it's just you Wi-Fi you want to sort out then keep your router and get a Ubiquiti access point for the wi-fi.

  • Fast - well you can only be as fast as your connection to your isp will allow for traffic outside the lan so you cant really blame the router for a terrible up/down connection.
  • Good coverage - well for the 5ghz band, things like walls destroy the signal hard. So position of the access-point is critical if you want good coverage for wi-fi devices. Also plan out what connects to each frequency band (2.4 & 5).
    If you have devices that are out of reach for a good wifi connection or its a poor signal then look to poe home plugs or even repeaters (worst case but they do the job). Again you have to understand the technology you are working with, wifi is a shared medium. If you have a heap of devices you can think of it as a concert hall with everyone talking at the same time. You cant understand everyone's conversation at once, so its a 'talking stick' approach, one talks everyone waits. Then the next person speaks. So on....
  • The Asus device you currently have should suffice for a normal use-case, its quite a nice unit. Again it comes down to positioning of the device, configuring what devices connect to the 5ghz and 2.4ghz bands as well as getting as many devices as you can in the household to be physically connected. Whether it be to a switch then to the router or directly into the router (the switch side anyway). Whilst you could go out and blow a heap of money on a fancy ubuquiti (they're awesome but expensive) you could very well be in the same position you are in now.... but yeah if you do buy one use the asus as a central AP.

Have a look at the zyxel usg w series. They are very professional have a lot of options (vlan's multiple wan's etc). The only downside is they might be a little difficult to set up

If you're nerdy enough, you could get an ALIX 2d13 Kit (you have to install pfSense yourself):


Keep in mind you would have to buy a separate wlan unit for that

you don't need a seperate wlan unit, you can build in on top of that mobo but it's not included in the package

also have a look at Draytek routers very good pieces of kit.

I have edgerouter x with a normal uap works great!

All routers basically suck unless you go for enterprise stuff or a DDWRT router that isn't a piece of crap, and there are like 2 last I knew.

Almond router.

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