A round of applause for CSGO community

this video.

is cs:go a mini version of cod?


FYI: i decided to record my first few hours of playing CS:GO. all this footage was collected in under 2 hours.

wow... that's ridiculous. was it all the same server? maybe you just ended up with a group of jokers.

Oh, yeah PC isn't immune to these so called 12yr olds. Sorry to burst your bubble there PC Master Race.

Where can I find people who are that bad at CS:GO. I'm always put with 15 other pro players and get my ass kicked.

it was 3 servers, roughly 30 rounds total

lol most of the time it was me spectating cuz i just suck... and there were loads of new players due to the steam summer sale.. new players including me

That's casual they fuck about there quite a bit...Don't know wtf was the first half of the video, Normaly I yell at them and put on a kick vote and job done. Second half they just fucking about kaze always gets himself involved into those kinda bullshit. :D Haven't played casual in a while...Just go for competitive, preferably with your own group of trolls. :D


CS:GO pissed me off when they killed about every single server that has custom content. I hate CS:GO with an absolute passion now. First they axed the weapon model community and now servers with community made maps. Never going to play CS:GO again. What a waste of $15 when I bought it 2 months after it was released. Mods make games last longer and its been proven. I liked how they had before they went all competitive where they split the competitive and the servers with custom content. There is even a command to disable custom weapon models which is sv_pure. CS:S for the win

When kids come over from stuff like Call of Duty they go to the 'competitive games' like CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, e.t.c. That's in part why those communities are so goddamn hostile and in general rude, the whole epidemic of "Swatting" is pretty much a direct result of those types of hostile/cynical communities.

Do you ever go to community servers in CS GO. You can easily find servers with loads of custom content LOL. Also having a competitive mode in CS GO has greatly benefited the game.

You were is casual meaning the server is usually filled with way too much people. This can pretty much mean lots of mic spam. I personally haven't played very much casual but i haven't ran into too many servers filled with mic spammers. 

if you want some help learning CSGO and how to get better at it hit me up on steam. Steam name: nfct

ummmm servers can still play community made maps lol. you just have to go to community servers. and btw sv_pure is still in the game....... cause you can still modify the game, just no one else sees your mods.

Casual is fun though. You can use it to get better at certain strategies/tactics/skills without feeling too bad about losing a round for your team... e.g. trying to be stealthy and getting knife-in-the-back-kills.

Also, people are quite relaxed. You can just play a game without worrying about teammates taking things too seriously.

I immediately jumped into competitive (with lots of experience in other FPS and watching tons of videos) and am currently matched up with lower Novas. Which is pretty ok for <10h of actual experience.

The only DM server I joined made me have a 2.7 KDR.. So I didn't bother with casual.

casual is fun to meet new people to play with. I am currently Master Guardian Elite, and will soon be Distinguished Master Guardian in competitive. I would not have this ranking structure in source. I am so happy to have it in CSGO.

Just another small piece of info...... you can mute any players in game if you want to........ just sayin.

How did you even get here if you are not part of the PC Master Race