A recent gruesome update to Overgrowth Alpha


This is a very cool way that he has created streaming blood for his game.

Its also a video filled with bunny death :<

lol yeah ive been following these guys for a few months now.

its really awesome to see the game come togeather with each video.

and its even more awesome that they are using openGL ;D

What is "Overgrowth Alpha"?

Is it a game some guy is making?

and whats it aobut

Its developed by Wolfire games, an indie company created by roughly 5 guys.

The game they had before Overgrowth was Lugaru a game where you played as a bunny who was skilled in martial arts.

It was mostly about fast paced fighting with rag-doll physics going through the story mode.

This is the successor to that game, with an updated engine and a lot of things to develop.

He releases two videos every week, one is an art asset which details the art design of the game he creates(Comic, weapon/map/character designs).

And the other vid is his alpha changes which are the implementations into the game for the next release (like this blood change :D).