A ram question

ok i bought a crosshair v formula-z and a kit of gskill trident x part  code f32400c10d-8gtx on the motherboard support site it doesn't show they are compatable but on pcpartpicker it showed they were so what im wondering is if they are or arn't because my gpu is coming in the mail tomarrow and i dont want to wait another week to finaly boot her up. help please

No matter how fast the RAM is, if the speed is unupported by the board, it will downclock to what it can use. However, unlike the previous generation of Crosshair Vs, the CVFZ supports up to 2400mHz RAM, so it should work fine, as long as you set the frequency, timings, and voltage that it is rated at in the UEFI to what the RAM is rated at.

Also, great choice in RAM - with ROG boards, it looks great. My Maximus V Formula looks slick with my Trident X memory :)

thanks ya i may have to someday fill them up with those amazing heatspreaders but that will have to wait because i also need a new monitor, the swiftech h220,and an ssd but cant wait for my asus matrix 7970 coming in the mail tomarrow. also one more question were would i post a build log for my new pc.....

Yes! Awesome - we need more build logs here.

I'd just post it in the hardware, Build a PC section, or maybe even make it a blog post. A blog would probably be more appropriate.

i think i only took one picture on the in progress because i was so excited building it i didn't want to stop to take a picture but i did get a picture with all the boxes. 

Been drooling over the tridents for a while. I regret not buying a set when RAM was cheaper...

If it isn't compatible just bug ASUS until they release a new BIOS.

ya i know what you mean it cost me 81usd for them but they are so worth it.... 6 more hours till my gpu gets here woots

the h220 gets good reviews but consider this xspc product


i think im going to wait to get a full custom loop.....

Great choice; I will be doing my custom loop soon, and I can't wait. You may want to consider those XSPC kits, as mentioned above, but in all reality, the performance and quality of the parts isn't that great. I would recommend a $400 to $500 budget for a CPU and GPU loop.

ya i just spent 1500 on my build and i much rather have more games right now then to spend 400 to 500 on a custom loop. thats why i will eventualy get the h220 to get my feet wet and if i want to make a custom loop later i have the option