A quiet mini-ITX build


My laptop died and instead of buying a new lappy, I'm considering building a mini-ITX machine since I can get more horsepower for the money. I saw the "Epic mini-ITX Gaming System" video and it looks like a solid system. However I already have a gaming PC so I don't need overclocking and stuff like that. What I want is a fairly quiet system (small room) which can work big files in Photoshop without much trouble.

Budget? I don't really have one but lets not go mad either! ;)

What would you guys put into a system like this?


I'm just going to say my recommendation is a laptop. If you already have a gaming pc, i dont see the point in another desktop.

Yeah I know, but haven't found a laptop (which doesn't cost #%&"!) that will happily work away on multiple big pictures in Photoshop (like mosaics) without me wanting to send it out the window ;) I used the gaming a machine a while but it sounds like a jet-engine and sucks power like it was free. This is why I want to build something new.

Budget and country please.

Also what will you be doing and what do you expect out of it?

what kind of mobility are you exepecting from a mini itx build if any? also is it just for your living room/kitchen? and finaly what country do you live in if power comsumption is a concern? and what is your current gamming rig specs? as i have multiple suggestions that could help


As I said I don't really have a budget. I'll pay what I need to pay to get it to do what I want - within reason ;) Now before you go "just buy a proper lappy", that is fine for everyday stuff but I hate working on them. Just a personal preference

I guess I want a everyday computer (web, music, movies) that I can do some heavy work on (Photos) that is small (has to sit on the desk so small is good) and fairly quiet (again, it will be on the desk). I don't need it to go anywhere. Power comsumption isn't uber important

Gaming machine specs:

AMD Phenom II 1090t OC


GeForce GTX 670 2GB OC

12GB Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz OC

OCZ SSD Vertex3 120GB

Seagate Barracuda 2TB

Corsair TX 850W

okay give me a online store for norway or at least a online price list for a walk in store and I'll see what I can do

^ Gigabuster buildmode engaged! Everyone run for your lives!!

I'm having a tough time finding cases could you link the sections to those?

If you want a laptop get a Thinkpad T or W series (w700ds is amazing), they usually sport big resolutions like 1680x1050 / 1920x1200. Also some of them have really good quality, workstation monitors.

Mini-htpc or the smallest mini-itx there is (is shuttle still on top I'm not up to date), or just get a mini-pc (nettop with netbook components), much more energy efficient and should satisfy not-so-pretentious users. ASrock makes good stuff (ION330). Also giadatech Giada-i51 has better processors.

http://www.komplett.no/k/kd.aspx?bn=10000 and www.proshop.no/Datautstyr.htm are major computer sites but there is a lot they don't have that I can get other places. So just come with part recommendations ;)








I used a uk resource, i'm not sure what that amount translates into Krones or what the retail for you would be. The case i i have listed under a custom part is a Silverstone SUGO SG09, it is the best case for a mini-ITX mATX build (that's right it fits mATX). Feel free to step down from an i5 but i figured an i5 is muscular enough for heavy photoshop. Also a 660 should suffice for editing and everyday gaming (asuming you might want to do that) since you have that 670 to work with if you really need that gpu muscle.

If you want to switch anything go ahead but this is my disclaimer: Don't change the case, dont buy a non modular psu, if you go with aircooling instead of a 920 be aware that there is no room for a dual rad and that a big block will not fit.

Thanks. Will take a look ;)

that case


I'm really out of my element in this I trust OXY's choice of case and cooling, I'd go for an ivy i5 and a ASUS z77 itx or atx mobo, a 660 and 2133 or 2400 8 or 16GB or ram with low cas latency with a i5 and a 660 you can probably run that on a 350w PSU so grab whatever you can get like a XFX, seasonic, or cosair, I've heard good things from super flower


thats all you'd need


Thank you all! Will start to order parts soon