A Quick Raid-0 Newbie Question (do I need identical SSDs?)

Hi guys, I recently made my new build back in January, and it has a Samsung 830 series 128GB SSD. I am kind of annoyed by it being 128GB, and would like to add another 128GB.

I was looking around for the 830 series, and it is actually pretty hard to find now that the 840 series has come out. How necessary is it to have the same SSD in order to properly run them in Raid 0?

In addition, is the right series close enough? I see a couple 830 series version such as model numbers Samsung MZ-7PC128B/WW, Samsung MZ-7PC128D/AM, and Samsung MZ-7PC128N/AM.

If it isn't necessary to have the same exact SSd, I would like to get the 840 series because it is a bit cheaper and seems to be a bit better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


Yeah you can do multiple different drives so it shouldn't be an issue.

Sweet thanks. That makes my life easier. I was just under the impression that mixing drives in raid 0 is a bad idea. Thanks again.

holy shit...so much fail here. You never want to mix drives unless you want either rampant instability, bottlenecks, or both.

Instability might not be as big of an issue with SSDs, but the 840 would definitely be bottlenecked by the 830. Not to mention you'll lose TRIM support once you put them in RAID.