A question regarding PnPRPGs

A question for Qain, Logan, Wendel, Pistol, PC Master race Cat, really anyone who wants to answer.

Recently I found myself enthralled by the Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper game after listening to a game on a podcast. It just seemed like a lot of fun, especially as a person who never really gotten into that kind of gaming due to being born a bit late and living in a town with very few real nerds. 

Anyways, my question is, wich of the classic pen and paper RPGs do/did you play, wich is your favourite and what's your stance on those games as opposed to all digital experiences? And wich ones do you reccomend to a person such as me with very little experience? And do you have any tip for finding people to try it out with?

Thanks a bunch in advance.

(I'm Swedish and on my phone, so you'll have to excuse any misspellings.)