A question or two

So I'm putting this under Buy/Sale/Trade but its more of a question I have a spare system that is going to waste and I want to sell it.. It has a AMD Phenom ii X2 550 not overclocked with stock cooler, 4GB 1333MHz RAM, MSI 760GM P34 FX, a generic 585W PSU, A Powercolor HD 7790 and all of this is housed in a cougar spike case. I was wondering how much do you guys think I can get for this setup?  Thanks!



300$ ?

Maybe more , maybe less , you didn't say for the ssd's :/

But gpu = ~80$ ram ~40$ cpu +mobo ~60$ count in psu case and fans that puts it somewhere around 300$

It only has a 500GB WD Blue drive but thanks for the price!