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A Question about Steam

Is there anyway to permanently delete a game so that no one has access to it? I’m considering turning over my account to my nephews but there are games on there that my sister will simply see as unacceptable.

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I think there are options in the parental controlls on steam. Never looked into it.

I tried the parental controls. The only thing it does is prevent them from going to the store and buying things.

Have them set up their own accounts and then use family sharing to only give them access to the acceptable games.

Go to the steam support site, then to the game you want to remove, and there is an option to permanently remove it.

Also, you can restrict games available with family view. It uses a whitelist system, anything not whitelisted needs a pin to access.

Family sharing might also work, although it may require more management.

Thank you all very much. I’ll look into this. I’m going to give this some thought but I’m just about done with gaming.