A question about soundcards

Hi guys, i have a quick question about soundcards. I'm a huge guitarist, i play every day and record a lot of stuff, but i have some serious issues. I'm still using realtek onboard sound, and whenever i record through line in, i get terrible latency issues between multiple tracks. I have to manually move the tracks to fit their timing correctly. you can see how this makes the end result pretty nasty in this vid, it could just be much better. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyb5FAjJEw8&fmt=22

would getting a new soundcard fix this issue, or at least make it better?

I am a little confused as to what you mean.

I believe your issue is not your sound card. But I need more info to adjust that theory.

How are you recording the audio, video, where is the issue with the audio latency. Â

Since you are recording the tracks separately, you should have to adjust the audio/video on the time line anyway to get them all synced up.

sorry for the confusion.

I record from my guitar amp's headphone jack into the line in on my mobo. Then, i record into audacity. Even when theres no video, and just guitar tracks layered on top of each other, theres a terrible delay between tracks. I have to manually adjust to get them to sound even decent. Obviously, i have to match the video to audio manually, because the audio is coming from a different source.

When you say you need to adjust it on the time line.. that sounds normal. if you are talking about adjusting output gain per track that is also something normal.

I used to work in audio production, always check your recording levels, adjust input and output gain accordingly

I have a RealTek HD and I just ran some tests with some random input via the line in jack.  and it sounded horrible when played back from audacity..  Until I dropped the output gain. I had the inputs running really hot. Â

drop me an email with an audacity project and tell me what the issue is.. I may be able to help more if I can SEE what the problem is first hand.  [email protected]

I sent you an email with the audacity file attached. thanks.