A petition to get devil may cry off the shelfs


Yes, contact the President to remove an international game. Honestly, it isn't that big of a deal to have Obama's undivided attention...

In all honesty, yes I did enjoy old Dante more over the new Dante, but I don't think fans should be so disgraced by this reboot.

Yeah but who cares if the govt is trying to take away tour freedoms and privacy on the internet.

It's things like this that made me vow to never step foot on American soil.

My solution to not liking the reboot was simply to not purchase the game... I guess I'm just not hardcore enough like the 66 people who signed that petition.

the game is that bad

Holy shit people are straight up butt hurt fanboys. I didn't like the change, but holy crap people are stupid. 

^^^ what are you going to sue them for a life time supply of vassoline?




This guy says the things I think about the whole thing, I don't even like the DMC games in the first place though.