A PC for World of Warcraft £400

Hey guys, going to be building a PC for my brother in the coming month. He will mainly be playing Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. The price range is £350-£400 which I would usually use AMD parts for but I was informed that the Intel i3-4130 is especially good for Blizzard games so I have put that into the system. If I have got that wrong please tell me as I want that build to be great quality for the money! 

Thanks in advance!



Looks like a decent build, though World of Warcraft if quite CPU intensive. The i3 processor is only a dual-core and would most likely serve as a bit of a bottleneck. I'd highly recommend going with a quad-core CPU option - similar to this:

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/nRW4ZL - it's relatively similar to the build you linked. Sorry for the AMD switch, but it's definitely necessary. Otherwise, what you have will suffice. 

In that price range, you'd want to be going with the AMD option. I know I would be! Good luck with your build.


Are you willing to OC the CPU in the system?

If so, you will get a BIG boost in performance over the i3 going for a quad core AMD 750K or 760K and and can get the AMD part and a aftermarket cooler for the same price as the Intel part. 


(That GPU you have picked is amazing value for money, I put one in my GF gaming system, cant rate it high-enough for the money)

I was told that WoW and D3 only use 2 threads and heavelly on single threaded performance. So surely the intel i3 would be better. Not saying that I don't value what you guys are saying, just trying to figure out the best course of action! I do usually use AMD myself, love the parts they make, but for single thread performance is better in the i3 I believe. Any more info would be great guys!

Being a older game WOW will utilize two core, but running DX11 version will make use of upto 8 cores (i think) and utilize your DX11 enabled GPU for a big FPS boost.

2 overcolocked 750K cores will sill out preform the i3, and leave two extra core that are not doing as much heavy lifting on WOW for the rest of the system. 

Thanks! Gonna have to do some solo reading up on DX11 as it will change this build for sure.

G3258 oc 4.4ghz with $30 heatsink

R7 260

500 psu

4g 1600mhz

Make a test bed to save $$$